Grounding Sounds #008: Bruno Bavota

In the first year of operation, Grounding Sounds has made shows available on an infrequent basis. As interest increases, the shows ready to post are starting to back up, so we’d best get a move on! Next up, we welcome Italian pianist Bruno Bavota who is currently on his 2013 tour and has recently released ‘La Casa Sulla Luna’, his second studio album. La Casa Sulla Luna (meaning the house on the moon) will be out again later in the year as a limited edition re-press by Polish label Preserved Sound (

As you might expect, Bruno’s mix for Grounding Sounds covers the modern classical genre which has directly inspired his work; the likes of Eluvium, Olafur Arnalds and Dustin O’Halloran all playing a part in his personal journey with music. Interestingly, Bruno also draws inspiration from the more vocal-based song structures of Tunng, Foreign Fields and Damien Rice.

You can find out more about Bruno via his website, which is in Italian:
Or you can stream La Casa Sulla Luna buy hitting ‘play’ on the embedded image below

GS: Hi Bruno, welcome to Grounding Sounds – what are you up to right now? Anything exciting to tell us?

BV: Hi! I’m happy to be part of Grounding Sounds! I’m fine and currently spending a lot of time focusing on my music project.
I’m also waiting for some good news that I hope to announce soon…

GS: Please tell us a little about your Grounding Sounds show

BV: Whilst I was choosing tracks for my Grounding Sounds show, I spent a great deal of time making the selections. I tried to do my ‘best playlist’, collecting tracks that are important to me. I’m not a fan of the iPod as there’s a lot of music inside and it’s impossible to give everything the attention it deserves. I still love the CD format with room for just 16/18 tracks and Grounding Sounds was an opportunity to make my best CD ever! One of my favourite tracks is “The Weight Of Us” by Sanders Bolkhe, a song that I discovered just a month ago and find myself listening to it every day.


Dustin O’Halloran – Arrivals n° 2 (2011)
Just close my eyes and listen. I imagine that I run, race to the stars –I can almost touch them.

Eluvium – Radio Ballet (2007)
Copia was always one of my favourite albums in this genre. Radio Ballet is a great song – so hopeful and positive.

Sigur Ros – Fljotavik (2008)
Sigur Ros don’t need any introduction. Fljotavik takes me to other places so far but so familiar too.

The Cinematic Orchestra – Arrival Of The Birds (2008)
Just fly.

Olafur Arnalds –  Þau Hafa Sloppið Undan þunga Myrkursins (2010)
I think this is my favourite Olafur’s track. It closes his album “…and they have escaped the weight of darkness” and it’s exactly what it means to me. The sound of the strings is beautiful; a great song for great hearts.

Helios – Dragonfly Across An Ancient  Sky (2008)
Lost in this sound.

Balmorhea – Coahuila (2009)
This is one of my favourite bands, ever! I have all their albums and this is a really great song.

Foreign Fields – Names and races (2012)
This song makes me dream. I’m not sure it’s a well known band, but I love the atmosphere in their tracks.

Tunng – Jenny Again (2006)
A song that makes me quiet.

Micah P. Hinson and The Opera Circuit – Drift off to sleep (2006)
A great young guy from Texas – this is one of my favourites.

Noah and the Whale – The first day of Spring (2009)
Noah and the Whale’s ‘The First Day of Spring’ is not only a great album but it’s also an excellent film score.

Damien Rice – Eskimo (2003)
‘O’ is an album that tells a story. For me, it is one of the best acoustic albums ever and Eskimo is the best Damien Rice’s song in my book

Sanders Bohlke – The Weight of Us (2011)
Recently I’ve discovered this artist…this is a perfect song.

Patrick Wolf – Bitten (2011)
Patrick Wolf has made a lot of albums during his years in music. The last album ‘Sundark and Riverlight’ was recorded with acoustic instruments. Beautiful.

Beirut – Vagabond (2011)
Beirut! Always sounds so nice

Local Natives – Three Months (2013)
Great atmosphere.

Hey Marseilles – Someone To Love (2008)
A band that I have known for a long time.  A beautiful and peaceful song.

Fanfarlo –  The walls are coming down (2009)
Reminders and echoes of Arcade Fire. This is a great piece from a great band

Alt-J – Something Good (2012)
This song is simply awesome!

Russian Red – Cigarettes (2008)
A short piece featuring a great voice, a perfect end to this little trip in the company of music.