Grounding Sounds #005: Byron Christodoulou


Grounding Sounds number five is from Byron Christodoulou. For those not familiar with Byron, perhaps you may recognise some of his many projects. He is from Greece, has lived in many places, but currently he runs his operations from Berlin, Germany.
His label Felt, has seen him release music by artists such as Pleq, Quinn Walker, Spheruleus and Hiroki Sasajima. He records his own material under the names Vincent Kuhner and Golders Green.
Other projects include mastering services and more recently, work with radio such as Paranoise Radio and Poplie.

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Part one of Byron’s selection for Grounding Sounds features some of the music that is most personal to him. He has taken the time to tell us a little about each track. In part two, he decided to use this space to go for a synth driven disco set to play at parties – no words here – just listen and have fun


Byron says:
“I should clarify that this is a mix of my favourite songs some years ago. Some great songs,some not so great but really loved ones. Most of the songs were playing in the background in some of my very important moments back then, thus this mix is something extremely personal.”

Kiln – Royal Peppermint Forest [2004]
“It has 398 counted plays in my iTunes. (the actual number is much much higher!!) I guess I got autistic with this release. My all time favourite electronica.”

I am robot and Proud – Save Your Neck, Save Your Brother [2006]
“It has only 267 plays. Strongly reminding me my first year in London. This was one of the songs that got “stuck” on my mp3 player when I was discovering this big city.”

Tortoise – CTA [2006]
“Ahhh, my teenage years!!”

Múm – Smell Memory [2001]
“Along with Tortoise’s CTA this track was in the background most of the time during my late teens.”

Her Space Holiday – The Young Machines [2003]
“I used to listen to emo a lot back in my teens and discovered Her Space Holidays from a remix he did for Bright Eyes.”

Giardini di Miro – Pet Life Saver [2002]
“One of my favourite shoegaze/post-rock bands. Reminds me a lot of Piano Magic.”

Kammerflimmer Kollektief – Lichterloh [2005]
“One of my first experiences with really weird music that I actually loved. Listen after listen I have learnt to appreciate their work more!”

Piano Magic – Saint Marie [2003]
“I had the original CD. I lost it.”

Khonnor – Burning Palace [2006]
“My favourite 7”. I believe this was Type’s very first release..”

Millimetrik – Foule Solitaire [2004]
“I used to listen to this song each night before I go to sleep for a few weeks when I was living in Cheltenham. I really hated this place!”

M83 – Car Chase Terror [2005]
“Apparently my late teenage years were filled with shoegaze.”

The Postal Service – The District Sleeps Alone Tonight [2003]
“I was a huge fan of Death Cab for Cutie so…..”

Manitoba – James’ Second Haircut [2001]
“Happiest song ever written. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Four Tet – Unspoken [2003]
“This song took my musical experience to another dimension.”

Boards Of Canada – In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country [2000]
“‘In a beautiful place out in the country’ is probably one of my favourite electronic songs of all time.”


Numero Uno – Madonna [1985]

The Egyptian Lover – I Cry (Night After Night) [1984]

Rom Violenta – The Other Face [Unknown]

Plearn Pomdan – Kosok Tee Det [Unknown]

General Strike – Bamboo House of Dolls [1984]

Mary Halvorson Quintet – Sea Cut Like Snow (No 26) [Unknown]

Pye Corner Audio – Nostalgia Pills [2012]

Vani Jairam, M. Vasudevan and Gangai Amaram – Pala Raatthiri [Unknown]

No UFOs – Freeze * Drift [2010]

Earth Wind and Fire – September [1978]

Yvonne Archer – Ain’t Nobody [Unknown]

Diana Ross – Love Hangover [1976]

Tamba Trio – O Samba Da Minha Terra [1968]

FlAmingOsis – Breathe [Unknown]

Polysick – Meltinacid [2012]

Midnight Star – Midas Touch [1986]

Untitled – Untitled [Unknown]

Donald Byrd – Think Twice [1975]

Bullion – Time For Us All To Love [2009]